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2020: The year that changed us

As I reflect back on 2020, I can almost immediately see all the ways I felt that life just wasn’t fair. I felt for my kids, and all that I felt they missed out on. Our oldest, Layne, had landed the role of Abu in his acting class. He worked so hard, and overcame a lot of his insecurities. He was finally coming into his own, and I stood back watching it all unfold. After months of rehearsal… COVID hit.

Rehearsals were put on pause, and eventually the entire play was cancelled. Cue my mama heart breaking for my son. My middle little man, Cameron, was continuing to work hard on his break dancing. His recital was coming up, and he was pumped! The dreaded email that I could feel was coming, finally hit my inbox. Dance recital: cancelled. Why, though?! They worked so hard to showcase their talents they work so hard on. It was easier then, to feel like my sons were cheated from these moments. 

"It was easier then, to feel like my sons were cheated from these moments."
- Tanya

Like everyone did, we settled into our new full-time life at home, ready for bored kids, irritated parents, and expecting to count down the days that we could “return to normal”.

Then something wonderful happened. 

My family had all this amazing amount of time together. I was able to learn things about each family member that I hadn’t noticed before. My children grew more resilient than ever. Their kindness, and love for one another grew each day. The confidence building experiences I had previously thought they were being robbed of, was replaced with confidence building experiences right within the walls of our own home. Don’t get me wrong, I want to have all those experiences outside of my home too. I want to watch my oldest showcasing his amazing ability to make people in the audience laugh. I want to watch my little b-boy doing his thing on stage. I love those moments in life. I have also come to really treasure my time at home with my tribe. 

So thank you, 2020. You made my family so my stronger. But also, you can go now. K, bye!

The Nielsen boys got a lot closer, and in many ways happier, during the quarantine and pandemic.

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